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Area Rug Cleaning
At Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning we understand the importance of proper area rug upkeep and cleaning, having been the only company in the Hamilton Halton area to be textile pro certified and specialising in area rug cleaning. After completion of a very extensive training by top North American area rug specialist. Aberdeen is now bringing new technology combined with old world care. Our method includes a 7 step process that can take any area rug and make it an Aberdeen Clean rug.

1. Pre-inspection : upon arrival we will fully inspect your area rug and go over any areas that may have presented pre existing problems. We will discuss our findings with you and ask any questions we have regarding your rug. This will ensure that you receive your desired outcome.

2. Dust Extraction - is the most important and often skipped part of rug cleaning, in order to achieve pristine area rug results you first have to take out the dust and dirt. For example: one 5x8 area rug can hold approximately 4 pounds of unseen dirt and dust, that a standard vacuum cleaner would leave behind. Without proper extraction, your area rug could be left with irreversible damage and subpar results.

3. Dye testing- dye testing is a very important and detailed portion of the cleaning process. Each colour is tested for stability and also tested for quality of dye. This will ensure that your area rugs colors, will not bleed out nor run together, this will also ensure the colors of your prized area rug remain vivid and fresh.

4. Washing- this is where we combine the old world care and system with new tools to create a specialized cleaning system. We clean the rugs using a fully submerged wash station; the rugs are cleaned down to the bottom of the fibers providing a complete and through clean.

5. Drying- The rug drying process tends to be the most time consuming portion. At Aberdeen we dry our rugs flat instead of hanging which is often done by companies in the surrounding area. The reason for this is to guarantee there is no stress on the fibers from the weight of the hanging and also ensures there are no creases in your rug.

6. Finish inspection : after the carpet is dry the fringes and rug is inspected for any spots or stains that may need a finishing touch.

7. Grooming-the rug is groomed and rolled up for delivery