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What Are Dust Mites
Dust mites are tiny bugs that live in your home. They are distant relations of spiders, and are almost invisible to the naked eye, being only 0.3mm long. Dust mites feed off of pet and human dander (dead skin cells in the air and on surfaces in our homes). Dust mites love warm, humid areas filled with dust. Bed pillows, mattresses, carpets and furniture are great places for them to live. Cleaning each one of these places can make a real difference in the number of dust mites in your home.
How Dust Mites Affect Your Family
Estimates are that dust mites may be a factor in 50 to 80 percent of asthmatics, as well as in countless cases of eczema, hay fever and other allergic ailments.Dust mites produce a very potent allergen called "guanine" which is harmful to EVERYONE'S health, to varying degrees.

Children, especially those who breathe rapidly such as newborns and those up to 5 years of age, are particularly susceptible to the health hazards from inhaling the allergens. The elderly, chronically ill persons and persons with a weak immune system (even if just temporary) are also very susceptible to ill-health effects of dust mite allergens and poor indoor air quality.

Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors. This, along with changes in how our homes are built, has lead to poor indoor air quality and more triggers, in our homes. Symptoms of dust mites allergy include sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and itchy nose. If you have asthma, dust mites can cause you to wheeze more and need more asthma medicine.
Proven Solution To Kill Dust Mites
Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning is able to provide a cleaning service which will remove the house dust mite and other indoor allergens from your carpet and upholstery -  which means that you:
We clean to protect your family's health and your indoor environment!
PROOF: To read about additional proof for the effectiveness of steam cleaning, please refer to this article.