Are you wondering how to keep the carpet clean in high-traffic space in your home? Carpets are going to get dirty-it’s an avoidable fact of life. If you let the carpet get dirtier then it’s going to look old and gloomy. Keeping your carpet clean requires a different method than what is required for a hardwood floor or a floor with tiles. Regular vacuuming does provide defence against dirt and grit that could damage the carpet fibres.

Plan deep cleaning of the carpet every 12-18 months. If you have pets or the carpet is of light colour, then you need to plan to deep clean it 2-3 times a year. Follow the below steps for how to keep the carpet clean in high-traffic areas.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before cleaning the carpet. If you are wondering how to maintain your carpet at home, then you should make use of our instructions for the best carpet care and maintenance tips. Alternatively, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service near me.

10 Tips to Keep the Carpet Clean in High-Traffic Areas

Here are some carpet care and maintenance tips for keeping your carpet clean in high-traffic areas.

1. Vacuum Regularly

In order to keep the carpets clean regularly vacuuming is the most important step. This removes dirt and debris accumulated in high-traffic areas.

Make sure to use a vacuum that has high quality to trap small particles. Due to the abrasive qualities of the dirt, when it accumulates over the carpet by frequent foot traffic, it could actually scratch and damage the back of the carpet over time.

2. Have the Right Vacuum

vacuum cleanerOne of the crucial steps in how maintaining carpet at home is by choosing the right vacuum for your household needs. Do you have pets or kids? Or carpeted stairs? Because no model excels at all your cleaning challenges. A cordless handheld vacuum could be a good choice for stairs.

It is crucial to look for a vacuum that has strong suction power. Carpets tend to catch debris and dirt within the fibers, which is why a vacuum with good suction will be able to remove dirt properly in high quantities.

Additionally, if you have pets and are thinking of how to keep the carpet clean with dogs, then look for a vacuum that has a beater bar or rotating brush. These attachments help to move the carpet fibers, lifting debris and dirt to the surface for easier removal.

3. Trim Snags

Remember, never pull a snag. This will inevitably make it worse, as it is quite possible that you will tear the carpet away from the backing. Instead, get a pair of scissors and trim the snap at the base to avoid further damage.

4. Use Entryway Mats

Placing entryway mats at all the entrances to your home can help to trap debris and dirt before it has a chance to get onto your carpets. Make sure to shake or vacuum the mats regularly to avoid attracting dirt into carpets.

5. Clean up Spills Immediately

Spills can undoubtedly stain a carpet, which is why it is important to clean them up as soon as they happen. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to soak up as much of the spill as you are going to deal with. Afterwards, use a stain remover that is specifically designed to deal with that particular situation. If the stains are stubborn, go ahead and search for carpet cleaners near me right away.

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6. Clean with Club Soda

If used properly, club soda could become a crucial and natural way to deal with carpet stains. No matter what you are dealing with, whether it is a pet accident, coffee, tea, or red wine, using club soda over the spill and a few taps with clean cloth it can be easily dealt with. If it’s still challenging, then call a professional carpet cleaner near me.

7. User Furniture Protectors

To ensure that the carpet looks new, use furniture protectors under the legs of chairs as well as other furniture. This ensures the prevention of debris and dirt from being ground into the carpet fibers.

8. Keep the Humidity Low

High humidity may cause mold growth, which can damage and discolour your carpet. Keep the humidity at your place low by using an air conditioner or a dehumidifier.

9. Use a Carpet Freshener

After you are done cleaning your carpet, you can make use of carpet freshener to give them a fresh clean scent. Select a freshener that is safe to use for your carpet and is specifically designed for use in high-traffic areas.

10. Lint Rollers

If you are wondering, how to keep the carpet clean with dogs, lint rollers are considered to be an excellent use when it comes to clearing the pet hair from your carpets or couches

Final thoughts

With these tips, it is quite possible for you to keep the carpet clean in high-traffic areas using carpet care and maintenance tips. With a little effort, you can keep your carpet clean for years to come.

In case it is difficult for you to clean the carpet by yourself, then you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Be smart and make the right choice by hiring professionals who have more advanced carpet-cleaning machines and ways to make your carpet look like new.

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