During interior decoration, along with furniture homeowners spend a huge amount of money on area rugs. Area rugs not only enhance the aesthetic of the interior but also protect the floor from heavy foot traffic especially if the homeowners have kids and pets. But things don’t just end here. To keep the area rug looking beautiful for a longer period regular rug cleaning is needed. Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning has professional cleaners who give efficient area rug cleaning Burlington services at comparative prices.

Common types of area rug

Wool: Natural wool rugs are handmade, expensive, luxurious and of excellence that can survive for decades if properly maintained. They can be placed in high traffic areas like the living room, foyer and bedroom but must be vacuumed the first few months of buying regularly as they shed a lot.

Cotton: If you want the look and feel of a natural wool rug without the huge price tag, go for cotton. But they do not fight off stains so can last only a few years.

Silk: For the unparalleled shine, delicate and soft finish, silk rugs are the best but they tend to be thin and harder to clean. So, placing them in lesser traffic areas is best.

Fur/Hide: Leather, fur or hide rugs are easier to clean, need only light ironing to keep them flat as they add a chic vibe to your home, But faux fur rugs tend to shed a lot so they are tough to clean and maintain for years.

Jute/Bamboo: Jute or bamboo rugs add a casual and textured look to your decor and can be placed underneath small rugs. But they tend to show watermarks so keep them away from moisture-ridden areas.

Synthetic: Polypropylene, nylon, viscose, or polyester rugs are thinner, inexpensive, do not last long but provide the same soft feel, fade-resistant quality as natural fubar rugs. But they are not eco-friendly at all.

Tips to increase the lifespan of an area rug

area-rug-cleaningVacuum rugs often: For regular area rug cleaning, the proper procedure is a must. For woven rugs, locate the pile direction and vacuum perpendicularly while avoiding the fringe. Regular cleaning reduces dirt, dust and dust but makes the carpet thinner too.

Rotate your area rugs: Regular rug cleaning and vacuuming is not enough. Rotate the rugs to prevent them from fading and uniform wear; switch them from time to time in different rooms to prolong their lives.

Hire a professional cleaner: Area rugs need cleaning, vacuuming depending upon foot traffic, pets, spot cleaning and vacuum services. But having your rugs cleaned by a professional cleaner at least once a year is game-changing for the longevity of rugs. If homeowners have allergies or respiratory problems or pets, professional area rug cleaning Burlington is a must.

Outdoor rugs: Using outdoor rugs indoors has become a practical fashion among homeowners as they are stain-resistant, last longer and are easier to clean and maintain. To reduce dirt dragging within your home, place outdoor rugs at the front door and make your guests and children wear slippers to keep your indoor and rugs cleaner.

Importance of area rugs cleaning

It is both times consuming and expensive to find the perfect area rugs that suit both your budget and decor. So, it is better to maintain and preserve them properly to save unnecessary expenses.

Area rugs serve two purposes – chic style and extending the life of your carpets and hardwood flooring. So, placing area rugs in high traffic areas while taking care to clean them properly can help preserve your flooring investments.

Hiring a professional cleaner will help you preserve your area rugs longer while ensuring little to no disruption to your life and making you indoors appear cleaner.

Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning provides you with area rug cleaning that fits your budget so that you can prioritize services that matter as homeowners have a long list of expenses.


Area rugs come in different materials so keeping them clean and less worn also differs from each other, regular rug cleaning and vacuuming are not enough to increase their lifespan. Area rugs require professional cleaning at least once a year.

Our professional area rug cleaners will do the job within stipulated time and at cheaper rates. For any cleaning services Burlington, HamiltonBrantfordAncaster and beyond. Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning is just One Call Away.