A clean upholstery makes the furniture and accessories look brand new. It gives a fresh look to the entire space and ensures that you have the best furnishing in the area. Carpet cleaners Ancaster clean the upholstery using multiple professional mechanisms – it is up to you to maintain it after it’s cleaned and prepared for final use.

Professional upholstery cleaning Ancaster also improves the life of your upholstery. It keeps the look sophisticated and ensures that your space is clean and looks refreshing. Maintaining the upholstery can be challenging but it is essential for keeping your upholstery intact and in the right condition for a long time.

In this article, we will provide you with a few tips that carpet cleaners Ancaster recommends you should follow for maintaining your upholstery after the professionals have cleaned it. These tips will ensure that your upholstery stays in the right condition for a long time and doesn’t face any damage or harshness due to dirt and dust.

6 Tips to Maintain Your Upholstery

Many people assume that once the professionals in carpet cleaning Ancaster clean the upholstery, it is all set. However, you also need to maintain the upholstery after it is cleaned. Otherwise, the chances of wear & tear and damage due to dust increase dramatically. Here are a few tips you can follow to maintain your upholstery –

1. Regular upholstery cleaning

Companies that offer upholstery cleaning Ancaster suggest that you regularly clean the upholstery with a light brush. Do not use heavy detergent and liquids to clean. You can vacuum every week to clear the dust and dirt particles that settle on the surface. It will ensure that no particles get hidden inside the upholstery between professional cleaning intervals.

2. Turn cushions

A simple yet effective tip by professionals in area rug cleaning Ancaster is to regularly turn the cushions. It will dramatically increase the life of your upholstery. You can turn the cushions around so that there is equal wear & tear along with dust formation. It will also ease the process of cleaning as dirt would not settle at one location only.

3. Remove spills immediately

Spills and stains are inevitable. But you should remove them as soon as they happen. Spills can leave a long-lasting mark if they are left untreated. You should get smooth liquid and chemicals that won’t ruin the entire fabric of the upholstery. After applying them, the immediate elimination would ensure that there are no spots left on the furniture fabric.

How to Remove Stains from your Carpet?

4. Use upholstery protectant

Most fabrics are not covered with any upholstery protectant when they arrive from the manufacturer. It is basically an invisible plastic sheet that won’t allow spills and stains to go deep down into the fabric. Carpet cleaners Ancaster recommend that you should use an upholstery protectant as soon as you purchase it to increase its life.

5. Avoid exposure

Professionals in upholstery cleaning Ancaster would agree that you should never expose your upholstery to direct sunlight and other elements. The fabric is too sensitive to handle sunlight and would easily wear out if the windows are uncovered. When direct sunlight comes to the upholstery, it also decolors the fabric, making the furniture look dull and unappealing.

6. Cover the furniture

You can cover the furniture on a daily basis with decorative fabric or a piece of sofa protection. It could be anything from a tablecloth to a blanket. When you know that not many people are going to visit your place, then you can cover the upholstery to ensure that dust doesn’t settle on it. It will also keep the upholstery looking new for a long time.

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