Carpet cleaning is essential to ensure that your rug stays clean and fresh for a long time. If you want to keep your carpet in a good condition, hiring carpet cleaners Burlington is the right way to go. While a simple dust cloth cleaning can remove the surface dirt particles, there are other stains that can remain forever. For this purpose, professional cleaning company use different carpet cleaning methods to ensure a clean rug.

You should know that not all carpet cleaning methods will work for your carpet. Rugs are made of different fabrics and materials. The choice of the method depends on the quality of the rug and its ability to handle water, sunlight, and other elements used in cleaning. Professionals in area rug cleaning Burlington suggest that you select the method after careful inspection of your carpet to avoid any damages.

In this article, we will highlight the 5 different types of carpet cleaning methods. These methods are used by carpet cleaning Burlington companies that offer professional carpet cleaning services for keeping your rug fresh and original for a long time. We hope the following paragraphs will give you a better understanding of the different methods of cleaning that you can choose for your rug.

5 types of carpet cleaning methods

Each cleaning method depends upon the type of rug and the intensity of cleaning you want. There are methods ranging from light cleaning to deep washing. Here are the 5 types of methods that carpet cleaners Burlington use to clean different rugs –

1. Encapsulation method

This method involves using an encapsulating chemical on the carpet after it is thoroughly vacuumed. A rotary agitation machine is used to crystallize it into the rug. The chemical is absorbed by the carpet, which then isolates the dirt particles that are encapsulated by the chemical. It’s an environmentally friendly method that uses low moisture so that the carpet can be put back to use in less amount of time.

2. Dry powder cleaning

In this method, professionals in carpet cleaning Burlington use a soft, natural powder and mix it with a little bit of water, detergent, and a safe-to-use solvent. The mixture is then spread onto the carpet, which forms lumps like sawdust. It absorbs the dirt particles on the carpet and the clumps are then removed using a vacuum cleaner. This is only useful to remove dirt particles as it doesn’t offer any deep cleaning.

3. Hot water extraction


As the name suggests, this method uses hot water to dissolve and extract dirt particles from the carpet. This is a conventional method used by experts in couch cleaning services in Burlington, who first apply a cleaning agent on the surface, spread it through a brush, and then rinse it using hot water. It is a time-consuming process because the rug takes around 4 hours to dry after the washing is complete.

4. Steam cleaning

This is a popular method used by experts in area rug cleaning Burlington to remove bacteria, dust mites, and foul odour from the carpet. The method uses steam, which is expelled at high pressure and high temperature. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the carpet by eliminating any mould or bad scents and restores the original look of the rug.

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5. Carpet shampoo

Another popular method used to clean the surface of the carpet is the carpet shampooing method. It is one of the traditional methods that involves shampooing the carpet with a detergent to remove dirt particles. However, this method leaves a high amount of moisture due to the foam that formed during the process. Carpet cleaners in Burlington generally avoid this method unless it’s very necessary.

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