Most people make the mistake of thinking rugs and carpets are the same thing, and they try to DIY clean them in the same process. Only when things went fiasco with carpet cleaning methods, they turned to us. At Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning, we do carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning efficiently, removing stains, and maintaining beautiful conditions for years to come.

Difference between area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning

Rugs: Rugs are made of natural fiber such as wool, silk so they can absorb soil and dirt more easily, making the cleaning process uncomfortable. We begin our cleaning process by inspecting, cleaning, and repairing to restore the luxurious conditions of the rugs. Let’s look at the maintenance process:

  • Using rug pads: By using a rug pad, the rug will stay in place; and will protect and restore the good condition.
  • Rotating rugs: Rotate the rugs, especially where sun exposure leads to fading to maintain even wear.
  • Blot spills: In cases of pet accidents, food or drinks spillage, don’t use harsh chemicals for removing stains. Just simply remove debris and blot the area, have them professionally cleaned ASAP.
  • Cleaning at regular intervals: It’s best to have them cleaned once every year to remove soil and dirt to maintain the longevity of the rugs.

Carpet: Carpets are made of heat-resistant materials like polyester, nylon, or polypropylene; and thus are designed to safely clean using harsh chemical steam cleaning procedures by our expert steam cleaners. To maintain them:

Steam Cleaning

  • Vacuum: Vacuum at least 3-4 times a week to remove dirt, grime, allergens.
  • Steam cleaned: Carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year by professionals. Our professionals use steam cleaning or hot water extraction to remove dirt, grimes from your carpet.

On-site and off-site area rug cleaning methods

On-site cleaning process: In this area rug cleaning Burlington process, our professional cleaners clean your area rugs at your house. You may have to curtain some parts of your house beforehand. Here are the steps:

  • To check your area-rug before cleaning pictures will be taken, details will be noted.
  • After inspection, we help to move the furniture around and then vacuum to get rid of surface-level dirt.
  • Color testing will be done to ensure that there is no bleeding or discoloration during cleaning. Depending upon the color test result, the right cleaning products will be used.
  • The last step is to steam clean or dry clean rugs, removing stains while ensuring no harm is done to rug fibers, fringe, tiled, or stone floors.

Off-site cleaning process: The steps are:

  • Our rug technician will come to your home to pick it up at your convenient time. Make sure to roll it up beforehand.
  • Then pre-inspection starts. This is the same as the on-site process, only we do it at our facility.
  • Then, professional vacuuming is done by our technicians to get rid of dirt, grimes.
  • Then color testing is done before area rug cleaning, to make sure to use the right products for the gentle rug fibers.
  • Shampooing and washing are done to get rid of stains, allergens, dirt.
  • Then we rinse out the cleaning products used for washing.
  • The area rug is dried in a special chamber for fast drying.
  • Then vacuuming and brushing are done to lift the fibers and restore the appearance.
  • The rugs are rolled up and sent to your location.

What service to choose?

On-site cleaning is best for those who want a quick carpet cleaning Burlington service. But if you have wooden flooring in your home, it’s not possible to clean rugs as the cleaning products can mess up your flooring. Tiled or stoned flooring is best for cleaning rugs or carpets.

Off-site cleaning is best for convenient, affordable professional cleaning of rugs and carpets so that they can be adequately cleaned and dried.

How to maintain area rugs or carpets after professional cleaning

After professionally cleaning area rugs or carpets, to clean carpets at home or keeping them clean is a challenge. Here are some tips:

  • Wait before walking: Never walk on wet carpeting. Let the rugs or carpet dry completely on both sides after the cleaning process.
  • Don’t go barefoot: Wear your house socks or slippers while walking on professionally cleaned area rugs or carpet so that the natural oil of your skin cannot leave an oily residue on rugs and carpets, and attract dirt.
  • Clean spills: If food or drinks spill by accident, pick up the debris immediately.
  • Blot only: Blot stains gently using clean white towels or paper towels. By blotting, the water does not get soaked into the carpet. Our professionals also recommend using a spot carpet cleaner or stain remover, a small amount of dish detergent if water does not work.
  • Vacuuming: vacuum regularly after professionally cleaning area rugs or carpets even if you feel they don’t need vacuuming as you can’t see dirt particles in naked eyes.


Decorating your home before Christmas? Don’t use the DIY hacks you found on the internet to clean your area rugs and carpets. Remember that it takes more time to clean up the mess you did than actually cleaning rugs or carpets professionally. For the right carpet cleaning methods, area rug cleaning Burlington, visit our website.