Sofas or couches are the heart of our living rooms. It is the most used and often most loved furniture piece of our homes. We lounge on them, binge on movies and TV shows on them, snuggle on them, catch up after work on them, and the kids jump on them. All these daily activities leave a lot of stains, spills, and unseen grime like dust mites, bacteria, and fungi on our couches. Hire professional to clean couch upholstery near me, or just follow these few handy how-to to clean your couches and upholstery and reclaim its lounge-worthy status.

Fabric Brush

Use a fabric brush to remove all the loose particles from couches and upholstery. Go over the entire sofa with a fabric brush to get rid of all dirt, food, and dust particles. You can use such brushes daily for cleaning your couches and upholstery.

Clean your leather couches with a dry cloth periodically and keep them away from large windows and direct sunlight. To maintain the soft feel and prevent fading colors, you can surely go with professional upholstery cleaning in Burlington.


A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment can help you capture all the dirt and dust particles. Make sure you go over every inch of the upholstery of your sofa including the sides, back, headrest, and armrest area. Use the crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning between the cushions and the frame of the couch.

Vacuum your couches at least once or twice a week to maintain their hygiene. Hire couch cleaning services in Burlington for the best vacuuming techniques tailored to each type of upholstery material.

Water-based Cleaners

Before starting the cleaning process read the product label and manufacturer’s instructions carefully to see if it is mentioned that the upholstery can be cleaned with a water-based cleaner.

You can use fabric cleaners available in the market or prepare them at home using dishwashing liquid and warm water in a bowl. Dip a sponge into the solution and rub on the stains and dirty patches on the sofa. Finish the process by wiping the couch with a sponge or a microfiber cloth in clear water to blot away any cleaning solution.

With a dry microfiber cloth, clean the sofa one more time to get rid of excess water or detergent. Let your couch air dry completely away from direct sunlight or heat. Professional upholstery cleaner in Burlington provides technical equipment to clean and dry upholstery properly and avoid germs and mites completely.

Baby Wipes for Cleaning

Baby Wipes can be an excellent cleaner for stains on your upholstery. These wipes are both mild and wet and hence are very helpful in keeping stains away from your furniture. Make sure to use these wipes as soon as there is an accidental spill or a stain.

White Vinegar as a Cleanser

White vinegar works surprisingly well to clean your upholstery and couches. However, always do a patch test first before using any sort of such cleanser.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is another way to clean and sanitize your couch and upholstery and keep them away from germs and mites. However, before steam cleaning, consult the manufacturer’s instructions to check if your couches and upholstery can withstand the heat and water. Use a handheld fabric or garment steamer to clean couches and upholstery. Go over the entire sofa, allowing just the steam to touch and seep into the fabric.

Fabric Disinfectant

Fabric disinfectants and fabric sanitizing sprays can be used to kill any lingering germs and odours on your sofa, once it is clean and dry. Such fabric disinfectants in your arsenal are very helpful in keeping your upholstery clean and battling bad odours.

You can also remove these smells by sprinkling baking soda all over the sofa and then cleaning it off with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning and getting rid of odours from your carpet can be tricky, hire expert carpet cleaners in Burlington for the best results.

De-Pill Your Couch

If your couch or upholstery is pilling, you can use a de-pilling comb or a lint shaver to keep the fuzzies away. Getting rid of lint or pilling is very important to keep your upholstery looking fresh and new.

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