Your carpet needs a good deep cleaning so that it looks fresh again… This is when you turn to a professional carpet cleaner near me or couch cleaning services who can do the job for you. But you are often left with a dilemma – should you go for dry carpet cleaning ior simply steam clean your carpets?

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning Which is Better?

You will learn about the main differences between the two carpet cleaning methods in this article, which will help you make the right decision.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

It is important to note that using a dry carpet cleaning technique does not mean that there is no water involved. However, the amount of water required to clean your carpet is much less than steam cleaning. There are a number of methods employed by carpet cleaners in Brantford to perform dry carpet cleaning, including:

 – Dry Foam Method

Using this method, professional cleaning services apply a dry foam carpet shampoo to the carpet and allow it to air dry. This allows it to absorb dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Next, carpet cleaners vacuum the carpet to remove the dried shampoo.

– Dry Chemical Method

This method is similar to the dry foaming method. However, a bonnet pad is used in this case instead of a vacuum to scrub and absorb all dirt particles.

 – Oscillating Pad Method

Carpet cleaning services use a pressure washer PH spray over the carpet and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. The spray will help to loosen dirt on the carpet. Later, the dust will be removed with cotton pads.

 – Dry Compound Method

Dry compound is sprinkled over the carpet for a few minutes and then vacuumed up. The mixture absorbs dust and dirt contaminants, cleaning the carpet thoroughly.

 – Limitations of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is popular, but it is not as effective as steam cleaning. Yes, it leaves behind residue on the carpet. This affects the longevity of the carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

In this method, the best steam cleaners in the market and upholstery cleaning services use hot water to clean your carpets through steam cleaning, which is rated as one of the best carpet cleaning methods by consumer reports. Steam cleaning is a renowned hot water extraction method, which can remove complete dirt particles and also extend your carpet’s lifespan.

Here are a few methods the best carpet cleaners or the professional companies use in steam carpet cleaning process:

 – Truck Mount Method

Professional carpet cleaners and area rug cleaning services combine hot pressurized water with a chemical-free carpet cleaning solution to remove dust from the carpet. Using this method, they can remove even deeply embedded dirt.

 – Portable Extraction Method

This method is usually used by heavy-duty carpet cleaning companies. The process is similar to a truck-mount vacuum, except the suction power is less than that of the truck-mount type.

 – Limitations of Steam Carpet Cleaning

It can take a long time for the carpet to dry, which can cause dirt to settle again on the carpet afterward. If the carpet is not dried properly, then this may lead to bacterial or fungal growth on the carpet.

Also, it is never an eco-friendly practice to use hot water extraction or steam cleaning for carpets. The equipment is very heavy, noisy, high-maintenance, large, complicated, uses a lot of fuel, and emits toxic exhaust fumes.

In addition to the cost of running the equipment, hot water cleaners or carpet steam cleaners must find a place to legally dispose of chemical-laced dirty water if they want to keep it out of the city water supply.

Choosing the Best Method Dry Carpet Cleaning Vs Steam Cleaning

As much as anything else, you need to consider the circumstances. In instances of water damage due to leaking pipes, flooding, storms, improperly sealed windows, a leaking roof, overflowing sinks, improper drainage, as well as many other sources, truck-mounted hot water extraction is required.

However, for routine carpet cleaning in both commercial and residential settings, dry organic carpet cleaning is the only viable method. It is eco-friendly, completely dries your carpet in minutes, and does an incredible job of eliminating soils, spots, and stains

Final Takeaway

Steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning both have their own limitations; accordingly, you should choose based on your needs and budget. If you’re interested in learning more about it, Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning is your one-stop cleaning services provider. From quality carpet cleaning service to tips and tricks on cleaning, Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning provides everything you need. Contact us for free quote.