Truck Mount vs Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine Which Option is Better for Home?

Truck mount cleaning refers to the mid-sized van or truck-mounted machine equipment with a high suction power machine for cleaning dust. Whereas portable cleaning machine offers the least cleaning solutions.

Skilled operators use truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines, installed inside vans, trucks, or trailers, to perform thorough carpet cleaning. These machines rely on hot water-based solutions to loosen dirt and grime from the fibres of the carpet, which are subsequently removed.

Most people don’t bother to ask whether the carpet cleaning service you hire uses a portable or truck-mount cleaning system. However, the method used for cleaning can impact the effectiveness and cost of the process to a great extent. Both these types of cleaning machines have their pros and cons. Let us try to understand how truck-mounted carpet cleaners work and compare truck mount vs portable carpet cleaning machines to understand which of the two is better.

How do truck-mounted carpet cleaners work?

Truck mount carpet cleaning machines are built inside vans, trucks, or trailers and operated by trained specialists to achieve professional carpet cleaning. They use a hot water-based solution to loosen dirt and soil from the carpet fibers and then pull them out.

Truck-mounted heat extraction units leave the carpets much cleaner as compared to portable cleaning machines because it is more powerful, allowing the water temperature and pressure to reach an optimal range for thorough cleaning. These machines have lower downtime and provide higher efficiency. Mounted units also come with huge waste tanks to hold dirty water so there is no need to worry about emptying waste during the process.

These systems can heat water to high temperatures that activate the cleaning solution for an effective breakdown of dirt, grime, allergens, and odours in the carpet. Another benefit of getting your carpet steam cleaned with this type of machine is that there is no need to set the equipment up. The team only has to pull hoses into the house to start cleaning. This decreases the carpet cleaning time.


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How do portable carpet cleaners work?

portable carpet cleaning machine

Portable carpet cleaning machines are units that can be brought into the house. They are lightweight and easy to handle and can effectively get rid of dirt, grime, and stains on carpets. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and are ideal for homeowners. Portable cleaners are a good option for many reasons:

If you live in an upper-floor apartment or a not-so-easily-accessible house, a portable vacuum cleaner is your best bet for getting rid of dirty carpets. When the house is not easily reachable from the street, hoses can not be stretched enough and might even lose water pressure. As portable cleaners can come inside the home, it is a more secure option.

This type of cleaner delivers impressive results with newer models that boast features like powerful suction and water heating to pull tough water and dirt out.

Moreover, it is more affordable to get your carpet steam cleaned with a portable machine as compared to a truck-mounted system. As these machines plug into your wall outlets, you are directly paying for their operation rather than paying the company for the machine’s fuel.

Comparing Truck Mount vs Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine

Let us compare truck mount vs portable carpet cleaning machines to understand which is better.


Portable cleaning machines are not as powerful as giant truck-mounted equipment. It means you get a more thorough cleaning with the latter. The additional power can pull more dirt and grime out of the carpet. It also speeds up moisture removal after cleaning. Truck-mounted machines also produce greater pressures that not only remove more soil and dirt but also ensure that they don’t sit in the carpet fibres.

  • TIME

Comparing the two types of carpet cleaners, it is easy to say that truck-mounted heat extraction units deliver faster cleaning as compared to portable ones. The system is already set up. The technician just has to pull the hoses into the home and there is no need to spend time setting it up.

The process of cleaning carpets takes longer with portable cleaners as the technician has to bring the equipment and set it up for use. As the machine is not so powerful, drying the carpet can take longer. Fans and dehumidifiers are often used to speed up the process.


Carpet cleaning is generally cheaper with portable carpet cleaning machines as compared to truck-mounted equipment. You might have to pay anywhere between $20 and $80 per room with this method. Truck-mounted cleaners are more expensive. The cost can reach up to a few hundred dollars including the fuel charge and technician fees.


Talking about carpet longevity, truck-mounted machines are better than portable ones owing to their power. The technician need not go over the same spot again and again which means less wear on the carpet.

Moreover, this type of machine only involves pulling the hose in the house. There is a lesser chance of damaging the carpet. These machines also remove dirt, moisture, and grime more effectively from the carpet which helps prolong its lifespan.

When using a portable cleaner, the technician might have to go to the same area multiple times to remove stubborn grime and stains. It can wear out the carpet over time.


Look at the pros and cons of truck mount vs portable carpet cleaning machine. It is clear that truck-mounted cleaners are more effective and speedier when compared to truck mount vs portable carpet cleaning. They give cleaner carpets in less time with a more convenient process.

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