A rug can add a smart touch of variety, pattern, and texture to any room. In any case, it can rapidly catch residue, soil, and garbage from food, pets, and pedestrian activity. Therefore, area rug cleaning is becoming of utmost importance in most homes Here is an easy guide on how can you clean an area rug at home.

Tragically, these rugs don’t generally accompany top to bottom directions. That is where we come in. We’ve compiled a guide for getting your area rug looking as lovely as it did the day you got it.

The main issue is that everybody likes to munch on food during this season of unwinding, and the area carpet is generally a wreck as a result of that. Let’s look at some of the area rug cleaning tips that can help in cleaning the carpet in a proper manner.

How to clean an area rug at home?

How frequently you ought to clean an area rug at home relies upon where it is. Carpets in high-traffic areas will require serious cleaning. A decent guideline is to leave the deep cleaning until the carpet is noticeably filthy.

Luckily, while you need to vacuum clean two times week after week, you possibly need to clean an area carpet deep when it’s grimy. On the off chance that the rug isn’t noticeably shabby (or recognizably noxious), attempt this test: Simply get an edge of the rug and let it flop down onto the floor.

1. Vacuum the rug

If possible, set the vacuum to the rug cleaning setting. Take additional consideration assuming that your rug has extra-long strands. Vacuum mixer bars or rollers can tangle them or scam them on the rug.

Push the vacuum this way and that across the rug. Assuming you have an enormous area to cover, attempt to work in segments so that you’re certain you cover each part.

To freshen up your carpet, you can utilize baking soda about every three months. Sprinkle a liberal sum across all areas of the rug and permit it to sit for a couple of moments. This is one of the best solutions when people ask how to clean rugs at home.

2. Clean the rug consistently

The more drawn out that the spoil and stain sit on your area carpet, the harder it will be to tidy it up. It is simply a question of having the essential cleaning material and hardware, for example, a decent carpet cleaning machine on backup. Put resources into a brush and brush that can get up the little wrecks that kids make. Buy spot cleaners that can rapidly take up stains and wrecks before they subside into your area rug forever.

3. Think about deep cleaning

First, you need to find the right shampoo or chemical for deep cleaning. When you are asking yourself what can I use to clean an area rug at home, the right shampoo is utterly significant.

Once that is done, saturate the rug outside by using a garden hose. You can use buckets of water to saturate the carpet if you don’t have a garden hose.

After the saturation process, apply the shampoo using a soft brush so that the rug doesn’t get damaged. Rinse the carpet once you feel the shampoo has properly gathered. You can use a sponge to take off excess water from the rug. Drying the rug is essential as it eliminates moisture and brings the carpet back to a fresh and original condition.

4. Utilize the right cleaning material

Cleaning material, gear and directions depending on the kind of rug that you have. A fur or sheepskin rug should be cleaned uniquely in contrast to an Oriental, woven or grass carpet. Ensure that you read the guidelines for your area carpet and keep them intently.

For example, a few rugs can’t be cleaned with business cleaners, they should be expertly dry-cleaned. However, different floor rugs can be cleaned with the fundamental over-the-counter cleaning solution and rug cleaning machine.


Keeping clean an area rug clean at home is fundamental to staying away from issues, for example, sensitivities brought about by endlessly dust vermin. You can without much of a stretch forestall these by vacuuming no less than once seven days on the two sides of the rug.

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